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Hello! Cheatsfreedownload. eu want to indicate you the new and working Mega Jump 2 Hack. Anyone really should only to get in addition to launch in which in addition to follow recommendations published beneath! Our Mega Jump 2 Hack will be 100 % safe as nicely seeing that undetectable mainly because we start employing a whole new safety measures set of scripts and also anti suspend method. In addition, our own software package can be updated regularly avoiding online game programmers safety measures behavior. The sole thing adventures would be to down load the item for that reason page along with abide by your instructions. More recently, just introduction the item along with is likewise granted to help promptly add coins diamonds and much more great features! Why to choose our Mega Jump 2 Hack? Simply because – like i say before – it’s 100 % safe, undetectable, and additionally uses this innovative security script method. Our software takes advantage of few faults spotted inside the game, and therefore it’s much safer than other applications of these kind. Do not be reluctant! Download our Mega Jump 2 Hack, follow the instructions, and become the best player in few steps! You must have this program. Invite !

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  • Devices supported: Iphone, Ipad, Ipod Touch
  • Jailbreak/Root required: NO
  • Auto Update: YES
  • Support all OS: YES
  • Size: 12.5 MB
  • When you hack your game you dont lost your progress in game !
  • Works with ALL versions !

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  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Remove Ads
  • Unlock All Items

How to use Mega Jump 2 Cheats Hack free Trainer

  • Download Mega Jump 2 Hack from our website
  • Launch it.
  • Connect your device via USB.
  • Chose your OS version (iOS/Android) and press connect
  • Check Secure Guard Script
  • Check hack options whatever you want.
  • Press Start Hack button and wait
  • If everything went ok, you will see a Success Message. Now you can start Play
  • Enjoy!

How to use Direct Hack Tool

  • Download our hack tool for device (.app /.apk)
  • Connect device via USB cable
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  • Now hack icon appear in your device
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  • Enjoy!


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How to Download?

About Mega Jump 2:

A lot has absolutely occurred worldwide of mobile gaming considering that Get Set Games’ original Ultra Dive was first launched on the Application Shop in 2010. These days, smartphone and tablet computer gamers have involved expect things like console-quality graphics, the choice for cross-platform play, and naturally, a free-to-play model that’s both fair and noninvasive. So can a simply simple limitless hopping game still take care of to take a company hold today in 2014 as it performed in the very early days of the Application Store? Well when it come to Mega Jump 2, I’ll permit my lack of rest as a result of playing this game solution that for me: why yes it can, and yes it does.

The gameplay of Mega Jump 2 is built on an interweaving device of leaping and dropping, and the mid-game buttons in between both are so seamless that you may not also understand it in the beginning. For most each game, you’ll be on the aggression, in a manner of speaking: steering your ways side to side into gems and coins to keep your upward energy going sturdy. However then you’ll attack a stretch of sky where the products are scarce, and the appearance of breakable platforms promptly reduces the activity to a careful and exact Doodle Dive encounter. And then it’s another power-up and prior to you know it, you’re skyrocketing with the clouds without a treatment again.

Mega Jump 2

I encountered three various environments throughout my time with the game, although there does not seem to be any sort of rhyme or reason as to when one ambient switches over to another: jungle, beach, and a rocky canyon. Along with these, every environment is filled with all form of fun risks and gameplay auto mechanics, from baddies that you’ll need to bop on the head, to trickster coins that jump out of the way equally you will capture them, to even a ball-and-chain that offers to seriously put a damper on your leaping capacity. Don’t stress though: you’ll have plenty of remarkable power-ups to breeze by these challenges fast, like my individual beloved, Huge Mode, makings your monster expand to fill most of the monitor and totally eliminate anything and everything that’s floating over him!

In spite of using a broader countless design as opposed to something more level-based, Mega Jump 2 still takes care of to discover an addictive feeling of development to improve up that replay worth, and this relates to your overall rating. At the start of the video game, I discovered myself barely able to clear 300 points despite exactly how much I assumed I had actually made it prior to dropping. But every time you complete a set of three “Adventures” in the game, your score will certainly get a permanent multiplier component affixed to it, starting at 2X, then 3X, etc. Adventures are the video game’s variation of an objective system a la Jetpack Drive, and could feature anything from “Accumulate X quantity of coins in one video game” to “Utilize 1 Huge Start.” Full a couple of Adventures and pretty quickly you’ll be removing that 1,000 point mark in mere seconds of booting up a brand-new game.

Mega Jump 2

To offer players even more motivation to keep on jumping into the excellent blue yonder, they could also open a multicolored actors of beasts aside from the nonpayment Redford. Most of them can be bought utilizing the coins you earn from playing, while several of the coolest looking ones like Foxworthy the Fox and Dizzy the Dragon will establish you back a pocketful of exceptional money gems. Aside from those, you can additionally open 5 various other monsters by discovering numerous colored eggs in mystery boxes that you can scoop up throughout regular gameplay (various egg needs vary from a plain 3 to an immense 500!). Yet among the most effective new additions in Mega Jump 2 over its predecessor is that now these different characters have their very own unique gameplay abilities! As an example, Pepper the Penguin adds an added 2 seconds to the Embiggenate power-up, an extra 3 secs to Mega Method, and to top everything off, a 10 % coin bonus offer.

Regrettably, after hrs invested rising via the clouds, I started to experience a couple of efficiency problems while playing on my iPad 2 At specific points in the middle of a playthrough, the game would certainly seem to stall for one 2nd, freezing the display; the following point I understood, my beast would be being up to his death because of the lag. Other times the video game would certainly just collapse entirely and boot me back out to my residence screen. One more little complaint is that the Experience activities can additionally abuse their purpose on several events, by asking you to invite pals and carry out other social activities in order to complete them and continue to “advance” in raising your score multiplier.

Mega Jump 2

Yet nevertheless, you’ll only start to see these examples after you’ve poured plenty of hours into leaping higher and gathering gems as the rest of the world goes by on that lame old point we call “the ground.” Mega Jump 2 is the definition of a perfectly enjoyable and basic arcade game that develops the addicting “merely another go” mindset, and it’s a formula that other game designers need to want to capture someday. With lots of rewards to keep having fun, a fun-loving discussion, and smooth and fast gameplay mechanics manning the helm, I assume I’ll decide on the simple arcade game over the huge, fancy manufacturing any sort of day.


  • Smooth leaping and dropping gameplay. Rewarding sense of development with a mission-like Journey device. Enjoyable dangers, power-ups, and rating bonus offers. Great deals of unlockable personalities with their own unique capabilities.


  • A few performance issues like delaying and collapsing. A couple of Experience jobs replicate regular free-to-play social prodding. Some personalities need a fair bit of grinding to unlock.

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