Immortalis Hack Cheats trainer v4.8

Immortalis Hack Cheats trainer v4.8


Immortalis Hack iOS Android

Immortalis is a very interesting game with over 650 cards available, making gaming unique. To help you beat your opponents on both iOS and Android, we now offer the Immortalis Hack Tool, one that will definitely be appreciated by gamers from all around the world.

On Immortalis Hack we are going to explain how to get Immortalis GT for Free using our Immortalis Hack Tool. In order to get the Immortalis Cheat Tool follow the Step by Step Tutorial below. The Immortalis Hack works for both Android and iOS which includes iPad, iPhone and iPod. To use the Immortalis Hack you don’t need to have a jailbreak or root for your phone, all you need is your PC or MAC.

Immortalis Hack Tool 100% Working Trainer Tutorial

Step 1.) Download the Immortalis Hack by clicking the Download Button below.

Step 2.) We are only offering 2000 Downloads for our Immortalis Hack. When you click the download button all you have to do is fill out a simple survey to unlock your download. This helps to limit the download count.

Step 3.) Save the Immortalis Hack Tool to your Desktop and open it. It should look like this once you have opened it up:

immortalis hack cheats trainer

immortalis cheats

Check out these Awesome Features for the Immortalis Hack:
– Refill All Resources like Energy
– Add unlimited amounts of GT to your account

Step 4.) Plug your Phone into your Computer and wait a few seconds, then select Android or iOS and press “Connect”.

Step 5.) Select the In-App Purchases and other Features you need, then press the “Apply Changes”-Button and restart your Phone. If you want to get more stuff simply restart the tool and use it again.

Immortalis Hack Free Generator

– Adds unlimited GT

Immortalis Hack v4.8 has been released. Now with the help of Immortalis Cheat Tool you can generate the items in the game in just seconds. Download the hack tool from below and start generating the items and much more things in the game. This hack tool will be for the limited users and after that we will close the offer and only people who downloaded this before will be able to use this hack tool.

note editImmortalis Cheat Tool Trainer

Cheat is compatible with the Operating System : XP / 7 /8 Vista and Mac
Works with Browsers: Internet Explorer / Mozilla FireFox / Google Chrome / Opera and Safari
  • Version: 4.8
  • System: iOS/Android
  • Anti-Ban Protection: Yes
  • Undetectable Script: Yes



(Hack proof)

immortals trainer

immortals cheats


Download Immortalis iOS/Android Hack

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How to Download?

About Immortalis

Immortalis, referred to as Guardian Battles in its native Japan, is a new iOS game from Pokelabo and Aeria Gamings. It’s available now as a free of cost download from the Application Store, with added in-app purchases of hard currency to acquire uncommon items.

Immortalis is a card-battle game and for the most part it adheres to the conventions of the genre to a fault. Gamers may tackle a direct series of single-player quests in order to gain experience points, soft money and new cards, and finishing said missions consists completely of “flicking” card into the backyard over and over again, without ability or approach called for whatsoever. Play is throttled by a “endurance” device which covers up on every level up, and which can be expanded with the stat facts achieved from finishing missions or leveling up. Once in awhile, the gamer will run into an employer which can be beaten by the cards in their “party” having a strike worth that exceeds their enemy’s on-screen defense worth and vice-versa– something which is not challenging to attain given the large power of the cards you are offered totally free upon starting the game.

As usual for the category, there is a strong emphasis on accumulating cards and powering them up by “sacrificing” weaker ones. Cards might be given up wholesale, allowing for big power increases, and matching two of the same card with each other allows it to “evolve” to a more powerful “+” type of itself, which probably has additional abilities. Players may personalize their celebration of cards to take into fight as they please, as long as the cards they make use of are unworthy greater than their max “event cost” value, which could be updated with leveling up.



In something of a twist on the usual layout, the video game does not incorporate the typical asynchronous gamer vs player struggle part that the majority of these video games feature. Rather, players are encouraged to join a guild after beginning the video game and are then able to compete in Guild vs Guild fights 4 times per day at planned times. These activities last for an hour at a time and need guild members to definitely visit to the game and interact with the fight by using their celebration of cards and their special capacities. The accurate quantity a gamer can add is established by their “Miracle Things” statistic, which can be restored through questing and numerous unique products, and at the end of a hr the guild which racked up the most “Guild Details” by performing well in the battle obtains prizes. Numerous extra unique technicians enter play during these fights– assaulting within 10 minutes of an ally types a “combination,” as an example, while putting numerous cards of the exact same elemental kind into play creates an “Awakening” which can activate cards’ special capabilities. It’s actually a great evolution of the common non-interactive, hands-off struggles typically viewed in this type of game, and is one of the entire encounter’s couple of assets.

Other good ideas regarding Immortalis feature its exceptional discussion. Unlike numerous various other examples of the card struggle genre, Pokelabo and Aeria Games have born in mind to consist of songs and audio impacts, though a periodic bug indicates that if the gamer gets a telephone call in the middle of having fun, the songs will certainly often remove and not come back after the call has actually ended. The graphics are additionally excellent, and the journeys, while tiresome and dull in gameplay terms, at least have some appealing animated pixel-art sprites standing for the gamer’s struggles.

Immortalis does at least press the instead inactive card fight category onward somewhat with its interactive multiplayer Guild vs Guild battles, but there’s no navigating the reality that it’s still a meaningless, instead dull game at its center. The solitary gamer journeys, which most players will invest most of their time grinding via, call for no capability whatsoever and make no try to narrate, regardless of their titles advising that the developer might contend least considered this alternative at some point. Eventually, it’s just an additional addition to the increasingly-long line of instead soulless card-battle games that are littering up the Application Shop and attempting to duplicate the equally-dull Rage of Bahamut’s amazing success.

You can comply with Immortalis’ progression with AppData, our tracking solution for mobile and social video games and designers.


You can follow Immortalis’ progress with AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social games and developers.

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